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Sonic The Hedgehog Website

22nd Jan '17

Sonicthehedgehog.com is the umbrella portal for everything Song the Hedgehog, a popular Sega video game character. It is a responsive WordPress theme with many custom micro-sites built in.


Build a responsive, multi-language supporting WordPress website that will act as the content management system for the main Sonic the Hedgehog portal as well as allow the client select from several templates to create a new micro-site for another title easily. Additional features to include animated graphics, social media integration, custom blog posts, image galleries, and embedded video.


I was given pretty clear direction on the needed features and a series of mock-ups for both the main portal and Sonic Boom at desktop size, from which I created modified designs for mobile. After I had a complete set of designs I built the HTML5 framework, utilizing the YouTube API for video and the Greensock animation engine for animated PNG images of characters and rings.

After the HTML was complete I converted the framework into a WordPress theme using custom meta fields to facilitate the tailor-made back end. During this process I analyzed the best way the client could duplicate content which led me to building a series of parented page templates that reduced repetition.

Final Product

After the theme build was complete on a test server I put it on the client beta server and communicated with the technical staff to address any bugs or issues that popped up. Once we had ironed out the bugs and populated the site with content, it was made live for the world to see. Over the next couple months there were more feature requests that I built in, but ultimately handed the site off to be entirely managed by the client.

Website Links:
Portal Site Link
Game Generic Portal Template
Sonic Boom Micro-Site Link

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