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I am Nathan “Nate” Yungkans, a graphic and interactive designer who has worked primarily in the field of video game promotional content by building ad campaigns and websites. Click on any of my portfolio items to view examples of my work or open the menu at the top left to learn more about me.


I have been a professional designer for fourteen years, the last seven of which I have spent freelancing for various clients. I work with people to discover their project needs, then make their ideas a reality through a collaborative design process. I know what it takes to guide a client to a solid concept, what it means to design for another’s vision, what is required to work within organizations, and the joy of getting the opportunity to truly be creative with interesting subject matter.


Helped by friends and the internet, I taught myself to code in html, css, php, javascript, and actionscript so I know what it takes to bring a project from concept to functioning reality. I have been responsible for the construction of several popular game sites such as Marvel vs Capcom Origins, Back to the Future: The Game, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Thor: The Video Game, and most recently the umbrella site for the Sonic the Hedgehog properties as well as the Sonic Boom game microsite. Additionally I have built entire Flash ad campaigns including rich media video units, all which have appeared on every popular gaming site you can name.


As the sole graphic designer for an association I managed the design needs for an entire international organization. As a freelancer I have worked for clients that range from small sites that explode in popularity (PlayStation Lifestyle, Video Games Blogger) to huge companies launching AAA games (Capcom, Sega, Marvel, More). I adapt to any style and possess the ability to learn anything I do not know. I have succeeded as an individual with the repeat clients to show for it but I am looking to bring my ability and experience to a team. If you are that team, contact me!